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Welcome to the Department of Paediatrics

Welcome to the Department of Paediatrics

The office of the Professor and Chairman of the University of Toronto, Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Ronald Cohn, is located at The Hospital for Sick Children, Room 1436D, 555 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5G 1X8. Telephone (416)813-6122, fax (416) 813-7479. Dr. Cohn is also the Paediatrician-in-Chief at The Hospital for Sick Children.

The administrative structure of the Department consists of five portfolios: Education under the direction of Dr. Rayfel Schneider; Research headed by Dr. Meredith Irwin; Clinical Services under Dr. Jeremy Friedman; Finance and Administration under Mr. Chris Carew; and Patient Programs headed by Ms. Marilyn Monk. These portfolios support the Divisions in the Department.

The Department provides leadership in: scholarly clinical care; basic, clinical and health outcomes research; and the education of medical students, postgraduate and subspecialty trainees and continuing education participants.

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