Training Opportunities in Adolescent Medicine

Subspecialty Training Program and Clinical Fellowship in Adolescent Medicine

The Division of Adolescent Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto offers a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada accredited subspecialty training program in Adolescent Medicine.

This two-year program prepares individuals for an academic career in Adolescent Medicine. The program facilitates the development of clinical, educational, research and administrative skills, as well as supports the development of leadership expertise in the area of Adolescent Medicine.  The Division also offers clinical fellowship training (for periods of up to 2 years) for individuals from countries outside of North America who are interested in obtaining additional training in Adolescent Medicine in order to inform their work in this field in their home country.

The first year of the training program is designed to foster the development of a theoretical foundation and core skills in Adolescent Medicine that is supported by clinical experience. The clinical responsibilities include outpatient experiences (hospital and a variety of community-based settings), inpatient experiences, and consultation on outpatients and hospitalized patients in medical, surgical and psychiatric settings. These clinical experiences provide the trainee with exposure to a breadth of complex clinical issues including adolescent sexual health, eating disorders, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and parenting, complex medical and psychosocial problems, and chronic illness and disability. First year subspecialty trainees will also develop a repertoire of research skills through the critical analysis of current literature in the field, and development of a research project. The trainee is expected to define his/her area of research with supervision from a designated faculty member, then pursue this area of interest during the latter part of the first year. The first-year trainee also has the opportunity to develop his/her teaching skills, and is expected to participate in the formal teaching program of the Division.

The second year of sub-specialty training is meant to refine the clinical, educational, administrative and research skills acquired over the previous year in preparation for transition to practice. The trainee has an enhanced role in the teaching program of the Division and is given the opportunity to precept and supervise residents and medical students in both the outpatient and inpatient settings.  During the second year, the trainee is also expected to continue and complete the clinical research project that was begun in first year. Additionally, the trainee spends time focusing on developing leadership skills in the area of Adolescent Medicine.

Application Process

CaRMS eligible applicants:

Applicants to Adolescent Medicine who are eligible for RCPSC recognition of their paediatric and subsequent subspecialty training must apply through the subspecialty resident CaRMS match.  The details of this process are described on the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS website –  Applicants will not be considered for subspecialty training without going through the CaRMS match.

International Applicants:

Applicants who do not meet eligibility criteria for RCPSC recognition can apply to the Division of Adolescent Medicine for a clinical fellowship position if they have successfully completed a minimum of three years of paediatric training.  Applicants should be aware that funding for these clinical fellowship positions is extremely competitive.  All candidates with training from outside North America are strongly encouraged to undertake an elective with the Division of Adolescent Medicine.

Only those candidates who have submitted all required documentation including their curriculum vitae, application form, references and have been offered an interview will be considered for a position.  Applications are completed online.

Please click here to apply online: Fellowship Application - Adolescent Medicine

For more information, please email:

Katherine Hick, MD, FRCPC
Subspecialty Program Director, Division of Adolescent Medicine
The Hospital for Sick Children


Noreen Akhtar
Education Coordinator, Division of Adolescent Medicine
The Hospital for Sick Children
Tel: 416-813-4905
Fax: 416-813-5392