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The Division of Nephrology at SickKids is one of the largest paediatric nephrology divisions in North America. This University of Toronto Division of Nephrology training program aims to develop academic paediatric nephrologists who will establish independent investigative careers in areas relevant to the understanding of childhood kidney diseases and provide excellence in clinical practice of all aspects of kidney disease.

The training program provides broad training in all the major areas of nephrology with opportunities to develop both clinical and research skills. Our program offers 2 or more years of training depending on the academic goals of the trainee. The first year of training is based in core clinical aspects of nephrology including consultative nephrology, inpatient ward, and ambulatory care in general nephrology, transplantation and dialysis. 

The second year of training is based on the goals of the trainee with 3 streams focusing on clinical expertise, clinical/research and extended research training in clinical, translational or basic science research. Further specialized training in transplantation is available. 

Additional opportunities for clinical and research training are available throughout the University of Toronto, a leading academic institution in Canada.  The Paediatric Nephrology Postgraduate Training Program, whose primary site of activity is at The Hospital for Sick Children, is a Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada accredited program.

Teaching Faculty:

Dr. Rulan Parekh (Program Director) 

Dr. Damien Noone (PGY2 Supervisor)

Full Time Faculty

Dr. Elizabeth Harvey
Dr. Diane Hebert
Dr. Valerie Langlois
Dr. Christoph Licht
Dr. Mathieu Lemaire
Dr. Lisa Robinson
Dr. Norman Rosenblum

Part Time Faculty

Dr. Leo Levin
Dr. Mina Matsuda-Abedini
Dr. Rachael Pearl
Dr. Seetha Radhakrishnan

Training Opportunities

Nephrology training positions are available in general nephrology, transplant, and research.  

The deadline for applications is January 01, of the year preceding the start of the clinical training year 

For example: at least 18 months prior to the July 1st starting date. Apply by January 2016 - Successful candidate starts July 01, 2017

We provide rotations in pediatric nephrology for medical students, residents and fellows in active clinical training programs. 

We do NOT take observers who are currently NOT in training programs. 

Pediatric Nephrology faculty are also welcome to apply for periods of additional experience, training or research depending on availability and objectives.  

All applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible as space is limited.


Candidates from Canadian or US programs must have successfully completed at least three years of training in core Pediatrics. For applicants from non-Canadian programs, completion of core Pediatric training with appropriate certification is required and some training in nephrology is also required.


Ministry of Health funding is provided for those qualified trainees who are eligible for licensure on the educational register of the Province of Ontario. This requires that the applicant be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and have completed the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination and may apply through CARMs . 

Non ministry funding may be available for certain highly qualified applicants who fail to meet these criteria for provincial funding. The applications of outstanding individuals for whom funding is provided by a foreign government will be seriously considered. 

Please contact the program directly for more information

Qualified residents may also apply for research training positions funded by the Royal College Clinical Investigator Program . Successful candidates will be expected to obtain a graduate degree in a research field during the course of an extended training. Funds are also available to support research training within the Division.

Clinical Curriculum

The training program is located within SickKids (The Hospital for Sick Children), in Toronto, Ontario Canada, where general nephrology, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and renal transplant patients are cared for in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions in the province of Ontario.

SickKids  is Canada's leading clinical, research and teaching hospital, treating more than 700,000 patients annually from across Canada. The hospital has a 370-bed in-patient unit with an active inpatient nephrology ward and consultative service, outpatient hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis unit  and renal transplant program.

We have a busy inpatient ward service and also a consultative service that serves the 3 intensive care units (cardiac, pediatric, neonatal intensive care units), oncology (with bone marrow transplantations) and a multi organ transplant program. Additionally, we do consults in affiliated hospital neonatal units and also provide telephone consultation to community hospitals throughout Ontario.

Our dialysis program includes training in in-center dialysis and also home based therapies (both peritoneal dialysis and nocturnal hemodialysis). Additionally, the trainees will receive exposure to plasmapheresis for kidney related diseases. There are weekly dialysis clinics and clinical rounds to address management issues of end stage renal disease.

We have the largest transplant program in Canada. 

Our transplant program includes training in pre-transplant evaluation, peri-operative care and post-transplant management. There are ~ 15-25 transplants per year with additional exposure to complex disorders receiving kidney transplant and multiorgan transplants including heart, liver, lung and small bowel transplant recipients. Weekly transplant clinic review provides exposure to management of transplant recipients up to age 18 years and also transition to adult programs.  

An active ambulatory care program exists, with clinics for patients with general renal disorders, those on renal replacement therapy, and recipients of renal transplants. All first year trainees will spend at least 8 weeks participating in all ambulatory clinics. The ambulatory clinics include malformations of the urinary tract, glomerular diseases, hypertension, stones and genetic renal diseases. 

There are additional longitudinal clinic experiences organized for each trainee where he/she sees new patients and follows patients discharged from hospital in both general nephrology and transplantation during the second year of training.

A multidisciplinary team of surgeons, dieticians, social workers, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists also participate in the care of the renal patient in both ambulatory clinics and the inpatient units and provide additional teaching for the trainees.  There are also Nurse Practitioners with expertise in chronic kidney disease, transplantation and apheresis.

Academic Curriculum

The academic program includes a protected academic half-day program with a rotating curriculum over 2 years which includes more than 90 lectures in key topics of fluid and electrolytes, chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, transplantation, hypertension and glomerular diseases. Additional learning opportunities include workshops in communication, career development, journal clubs with critical analysis and research.  This program is provided in combination with the adult nephrology program. Additional rounds while on clinical rotations include weekly journal club, case presentation and research rounds.

There are active research programs in clinical (Dr. Parekh: genetic epidemiology, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, transplantation and nephrotic syndrome), translational (Dr. Licht: complement-mediated diseases; chronic kidney disease) and basic science (Dr. Robinson: neutrophils in inflammation and transplantation; Dr. Rosenblum: renal growth and development). There are also active research programs with adult nephrology in vascular biology, immunology, and molecular genetics.

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