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Paediatric Medicine
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Paediatric Medicine

Dr. Jeremy Friedman- Division Head

The Division of Paediatric Medicine has 14 full-time faculty and 8 'major part-time' faculty, and over 100 general paediatricians who are members of the Section of Community Paediatrics. the division is divided into five sections:

Community Paediatrics (Director: Dr. Mark Feldman)
Dermatology (Director: Dr. Elena Pope)
Paediatric Consultation Clinic (Director: Dr. Michelle Shouldice)
Paediatric INpatient Unit (Director: Dr. Michael Weinstein)
SCAN (Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect) (Director: Dr. Michelle Shouldice)

In addition, there is a divisional Director of Education (Dr. Stacey Bernstein) and a Director of Research (Dr. Patricia Parkin).

The Director of Undergraduate Education (Dr Mian) and the Director of Postgraduate Education (Dr Tallett) are both members of the Division of Paediatric Medicine. The division, particularly through the efforts of the Community Paediatrics section, is primarily responsible for the paediatric education of Clinical Clerks and pre-clerkship Medical Students in our ambulatory clinics, inpatient unit, and community paediatric practices. Approximately 45 paediatric residents (PGY1, PGY3, and PGY4) spend 3-4 months/year rotating through our ambulatory clinics, consultation services and inpatient unit. The division also provides a broad range of fellowship options in Paediatric Medicine, SCAN and Dermatology under the overall directorship of Dr Patricia Parkin. Nurse practitioners and elective students and residents at all levels also receive educational instruction within the sections of our division. Faculty members have won numerous teaching awards and a number of the faculty have degrees in Education. The division is very involved in CME, for example, City-Wide Paediatric Rounds, as well as ‘Updates’ in Paediatrics, Paediatric Dermatology and SCAN.

The Division of Paediatric Medicine has an applied clinical research program which is dedicated to developing evidence based practice by studying common conditions in children’s health and disease using the scientific methods of epidemiologic research. This includes patient-based research (both hospital-based and community-based) relating to common paediatric and dermatologic problems; health services research and research in education. Some examples include: injury prevention, care of the complex medical child, enterostomy tube feeding, development of health status measures of severity (eg asthma, gastroenteritis), evaluation of child health systems and delivery, immunization issues in community practice. The majority of the fulltime faculty have an appointment in the Sickkids Research Institute and some are also affiliated with ICES. Over the past 5 years divisional members have been awarded 74 grants totalling 5.5 million dollars and published 140 peer reviewed manuscripts, many in top general paediatric journals.


Prior to the formal development of the division, community-based paediatricians, with part-time faculty appointments made enormous contributions to the hospital and Department of Paediatrics through the provision of patient care and teaching on inpatient units and in ambulatory clinics. The Division of General Paediatrics was formally established in 1981, with Dr. Robert Hilliard as the first Division Head, and one of two full-time faculty. The Division's initial mandate included overseeing several inpatient units, general paediatric clinics and walk-in clinics. During the 1980's, the general paediatric clinics developed a strong focus on secondary care, as well as collaboration with developmental and behavioural paediatricians and psychiatrists.

With the appointment of Dr. William Feldman as Division Head in 1991, clinical care and resource utilization became increasingly evidence-based. In 1992, Dr. Feldman established the Paediatric Outcomes Research Team (PORT), funded by The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation. PORT objectives included indentifying the most widely used health maneuvres for children, reviewing the literature to assess the evidence for their effectiveness, and development of indepedent research proposals if the evidence was weak or inconsistent. Dr. Feldman established an Academic Fellowship, with the first fellow beginning in 1992. When the new hospital was opened in 1993, the division consolidated its inpatients onto the 7th floor inpatient units, staffed by a complement of full- and part-time faculty. The general paediatric clinics continued to develop a consultation model, providing paediatric consultation to community and SickKids paediatricians and the walk-in clinic was moved to the Emergency Department. Community-based paediatricians with part-time faculty appointments continued to make major commitments to teaching with a transition from hospital-based teaching to community-based teaching (offices and regional hospitals). Following Dr. Feldman's retirement in 1997, the Division of General Paediatrics, SCAN, Dermatology and Gynaecology were consolidated into the one Division of Paediatric Medicine under the leadership of Dr. Patricia Parkin. Dr. Parkin successfully merged the previous divisions as sections under her leadership and created the new Section of Community Paediatrics to recognise the important contribution of the part-time members.  In 2001, the Section of Gynaecology moved to the Division of Endocrinology in view of their collaborative clinical activities.  In April 2004, Dr. Jeremy Friedman was appointed Division Head of Paediatric Medicine.

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