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Community Developmental Paediatrics
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Community Developmental Paediatrics

Dr. Cynthia Goldfarb - Section Head

Developmental disorders and other challenges to children’s development are among the most common problems in paediatric care. With at least 7% of children having a significant developmental condition, it has been critical that a model of service delivery be developed that includes both community-based Developmental Paediatric care, as well as care within tertiary centres. This model has been supported by research on family centred care which has emphasized the importance of providing care to children and families within their own communities. When the Division of Developmental Paediatrics was established in 2005, the importance of the Community Developmental Paediatricians for clinical care, medical education, research, and other academic activities was recognized and the Section of Community Developmental Paediatrics was created.

As of 2009, there are 12 community based Developmental Paediatricians from around the Greater Toronto Area who comprise the membership of the Section of Community Developmental Paediatrics within the University of Toronto. Many of these individuals are in Developmental Paediatric leadership positions within their local communities, and they are all responsible for providing close to home comprehensive Developmental Paediatric care to children and families.

Members of the Community Section are actively involved in medical education at all levels of training. The Subspecialty Residency program in Developmental Paediatrics includes a rotation in Community Developmental Paediatrics, and a member of the Section sits on the subspecialty Residency Education Committee. Section members regularly contribute to Continuing Medical Education within the Division of Developmental Paediatrics, through presentations at Journal Clubs, Division Rounds, and the division sponsored bi-annual conference.

Community Developmental Paediatricians are able to support Researchers within the Division of Developmental Paediatrics and other divisions at the University of Toronto through patient recruitment and data collection.

Advocating for children with developmental needs is a key responsibility of Developmental Paediatricians. Section members are involved in a wide array of advocacy roles and positions, sitting on Boards of Directors for various disability groups, and being members of many relevant committees within the University and the community.

The vision and achievements of the Section of Community Developmental Paediatrics are guided by the leadership within the Division of Developmental Paediatrics, and close links between Section and division members allow for a wide range of clinical care and academic opportunities.

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